Considering a Career in Real Estate

Real Estate sales can be an exciting, fast paced, and financially rewarding profession.  You truly can be as successful as you want to Be!  At Royal LePage in the Comox Valley, we are focused on growth by building a team of professional and dedicated salespeople.

When hiring new agents, we build a relationship that is focused on your growth and development.  We assess your skills and develop a strategy that will help leverage your strengths and overcome your challenges to position you for success.

For info on our careers contact one of our managers:  Rob Nygren at or Earl Costello at


Not sure if real estate is a career that would suit your character or lifestyle or uncertain about sales in general? The Royal LePage Real Estate Simulator is a world-class Internet based tool that uses simulation technology to recreate the real-life challenges that real estate agents encounter on a daily basis. Click here to use the Royal LePage Real Estate Simulator now.

Once you are finished with the Royal LePage Real Estate Simulator Browse through the various topics listed in the menu above to see the advantages of joining the Royal LePage in the Comox Valley team!